Guide dog puppy Irvine looking into camera.

Meet Irvine

Here at Queens Crescent Eyecare we are passionate about vision. We pride ourselves in helping people find ways of living life with the best vision possible. Whether it’s glasses, with our selection of lenses to correct most issues with vision, or our large range of contact lenses, our staff can help with most issues with sight. But what about those people with sight loss that corrective lenses can not help? Well a chance meeting at a trade show allowed us to play a role in helping people with visual impairments, because we have started sponsoring a guide dog. We’d like you to meet Irvine, the guide dog puppy we’re sponsoring.

Guide dog puppy Irvine sat on grass, looking into camera.

Many people live with eye conditions and sight loss that mean a guide dog is essential to giving them independence and freedom. Sally, who is supported by her guide dog Yoko, explains “Everything completely changes when you have a dog, you feel like you can go anywhere and you’ve got company. The confidence that a dog gives you is incredible, it brings your life back again”. All of the Queens Crescent Staff are overjoyed to be sponsoring Irvine and supporting the Guide Dog charity in their work to partner blind or visually impaired people to guide dogs that will enable the new owner to live independently.

Guide dog puppy Irvine looking into camera.

Irvine, and all the other guide dog puppies, spend their early lives with a foster family, being loved, cuddled and played with like all puppies need. Slowly they begin the 20 month training program to give them the skills to guide their owner in the hustle and bustle of the outside world. You can keep up to date with Irvine’s progress by visiting our Facebook page, or here on our website as part of sponsorship is receiving regular “pup-dates”. For now here’s an extremely cute video of our Irvine.

If you want to sponsor a guide dog, please visit the Guide Dogs website.

About Mik Scarlet

Mik Scarlet is a broadcast journalist and columnist, as well as an expert in the field of access and inclusion for disabled people. You may have seen him on TV! He also has a passion for eyewear.