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When Small Is Beautiful

Like most people who wear corrective glasses, the choice of which optician to entrust your vision to is a major one. I bet many of you have also gone to a national chain at least once. I also imagine you’ve found yourself unhappy with the results. Whether it’s the feeling that you are being sold the most expensive frames in the shop, rather than the ones that best suit your needs, and lets not even mention all the add ons that seem to be essential despite your never being exactly sure why, or lenses that seem either just a little too strong or weak that are met with “you get used to them” when you explain your concerns, I’ve found that large chains leave you feeling there’s something lacking in the service department. I’ve always found that visiting an independent optician works out best for service and for ensuring my lenses and frames suit my needs, and pocket. A recent Which survey has discovered that most people also share that experience.

The survey found that independent opticians scored an average of 87% approval, which placed them as the best choice for overall customer satisfaction. Chains did fill the top spot in some cases, but they also filled all the bottom slots, and so if you want to ensure your eye test and the purchase of any corrective lenses and frames go as smoothly as possible, your local independent optician is the best bet. If you live in the North London area, you can be sure of top class service at Queens Crescent Eyecare, one of London’s leading independent opticians.

Harvey and Jane Kaye at Queens Crescent Eyecare
Owner Harvey Kaye, his wife Jane who is the buyer for the business, and their Optometrists Robyn Vinten, Rosie Gavzey and Jyoti Kapadia as well as assistants Lynda and Lesley pride themselves that they “Treat everyone who comes into our practice the way we would like to be treated ourselves”. They offer a truly bespoke service for all ages, whether you are taking your children for their first eye test or through to those requiring checks for glaucoma and cataracts. Queens Crescent Eyecare stock a large range of frames that cater for all sizes of pocket, grind many of the lenses on the premises which allows for a while you wait service if your prescription is not complex, and offer the latest in up to date contact lenses. All this with a friendly personal service. You even get a cup of tea of coffee. So it seems the Which report captures the Queens Crescent Eyecare experience perfectly.

Please contact 0207 485 3389, or online, to book a consultation appointment.

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Mik Scarlet is a broadcast journalist and columnist, as well as an expert in the field of access and inclusion for disabled people. You may have seen him on TV! He also has a passion for eyewear.