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Women make passes in men who wear cool glasses!

As someone who needed to wear corrective lenses from my early teens, I remember the heart ache as I worried over whether or not the girls I fancied would even take a second glance at me in my glasses. Of course that was a while back and frames were no where near as stylish and cool as they are today. If you add to that the fact that geek chic is now a style trend, and wearing glasses in the 21st century is now as fashionable as ever before. It is still important however to choose frames that suit your face and highlight your personal style. Here’s a guide to face shapes and the frames that flatter them, and let’s explore the looks different companies have to offer.

For those who want their frames to be subtle and almost disappear into the face, Silhouette has the answer. They have a high quality range to stylish titanium frames that create a strong powerful look. Perfect for those in business who want to be understated yet stylish. Another company who will appeal to you if this look is for you is Porsche. They have a range that is as equally understated as Silhouette while also making a stronger design statement with the frame shapes and styles available. Either company give the wearer frames that are the epitome of class.

For those who want their frames to make a stronger style statement, check out Tom Ford and William Morris‘s men’s ranges. Both companies offer quality and style that makes them the ideal choice for those wanting to be individual and fashionable. The Tom Ford range captures the design ethos of the world famous clothing range and offers style and class with a design twist. William Morris gives the wearer an even greater style twist, combining classic designs with strong playful elements. Both company’s frames are for those who want to make a style statement with everything they wear.

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If you really want to push the boundaries then Adidas might be for you. Their range combines Adidas’s genius for street and sports wear design with a strong style ethos that leaves the wearer standing out in a crowd. Their futuristic look pushes eye wear firmly into the 21st century. If you want true classic looks Ted Baker‘s range answers your call. Each of their individual takes on classic frames delivers a look that works for all occasions and styles.

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Whatever your look or style, there has never been a better time for men to wear frames, and the team at Queens Crescent Eyewear will help you pick the frames that work best for you. You can book an appointment online or by calling On 020 7485 3389

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