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Lenses – The Art of Seeing Clearly

Here at Queens Crescent Eyecare we’ve explored finding the correct frames for your face shape and fashion sense in our style guides. While your frames are what make your glasses suit your look, it’s the lenses make them function. If you require a prescription for your vision making the right choice in corrective lenses ensures you glasses work perfectly for you and your needs. At Queens Crescent Eyecare we pride ourselves on stocking the very best in corrective lenses, including being an approved supplier of Nikon and Jai Kudo lenses. We are now proud to announce we have added Zeiss lenses, another market leader, to our range.


Zeiss provide a range of lenses that cater for all needs, including lenses designed for sport and for use with digital technology. Zeiss also have a range created specially for drivers, ensuring you and your family are safe when you are behind the wheel. Zeiss Drive Safe lenses are designed to solve many of the issues faced by drivers who wear corrective glasses. From driving in adverse weather conditions or in low light situations often makes it hard to see, but Drive Safe lenses are designed to lessen the stress these conditions place on your eyes, making your driving experience less stressful. They also lessen glare from street lights and on coming traffic. The lenses are also scratch resistant. They ensure better vision and judge distances easier when on the road. Drive Safe are just one of the range of Zeiss lenses we now provide here at Queens Crescent Eyecare.

Here at QCE we pride ourselves in providing a truly bespoke service with the goal of aiding our customers with the joy of vision. Whatever your requirements our opticians and staff will strive to find a solution that will fit what you need like a glove. With our new Zeiss range of lenses this has become even easier, so why not arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

In combination with our selection of designer frames, we have the eyecare solution for you.

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