About Mik Scarlet

Mik Scarlet is a broadcast journalist and columnist, as well as an expert in the field of access and inclusion for disabled people. You may have seen him on TV! He also has a passion for eyewear.

Guide dog puppy Irvine looking into camera.

Meet Irvine

Here at Queens Crescent Eyecare we are passionate about vision. We pride ourselves in helping people find ways of living life with the best vision possible. Whether it’s glasses, with our selection of lenses to correct most issues with vision, or our large range of contact lenses, our staff can help with most issues with […]

woman choosing eyeglasses - picture by nicoletaionescu http://www.123rf.com/profile_nicoletaionescu

Which Do I Choose? A Guide to Face Shape and Glasses

When facing racks of frames in an Optician, it can sometimes be daunting. It’s a major purchase choice, both for function and fashion. Picking the right frames can make or break your look, and knowing which frames suit your face shape will help ensure you make the right choice. Firstly let’s choose which face shape […]

young woman in sunglasses in urban environment

Prescription Sunglasses – Looking cool, staying safe

Summer is the time of long nights, sun soaked days and dressing to stay cool. Nothing says cool like a smart pair of sunglasses, but what do you do when you wear prescription lenses? Well prescription sunglasses are nothing new, but what is on offer out there and which choice would suit you best? There […]