Spring Style – Here Comes The Sun

With the clocks going forward, the days getting longer and that glowing orb filling the sky (the sun in case you’ve forgotten), spring is in the air. As the weather gets better we all love the chance to spruce up our wardrobes and get shopping. So what are this year’s spring styles and of course, what do they mean for eye wear?

Three brightly coloured frames, in red, zebra stripe and purple

Major style trends this season revolve around colour. Bright vibrant block colours are a major trend, with the catwalk for this season being filled with vibrant colours, especially pink, red, yellow and green. Taking any single block colour in an outfit will make you well on trend, so choosing eye wear in a matching colour makes perfect fashion sense. They don’t have to match exactly, and you could even go for a clashing colour for major impact. The great thing about choosing bright colours for your eye wear is that it fits with other key spring trends, such as statement stripes, mix and match colour and full floral. All of these trends focus on doing the style in full effect, with no fear. This spring is a season for the bold!

a pair of bright lime green frames

Another major trend this spring is 80’s retro redux, creating a new spin on the era of the New Romantic and shoulder pads. Eye wear featured big time in the 80’s with glasses being big and bold, and this is the trend this season. Bright bold colourful frames that shout look at me are a must, and if combined with a clashing lens tint you can’t fail. Red frames with either blue or green half tints would be right on trend for example.

The key to making sure your eye wear is on trend is finding the colour that works for you. Try several pairs on in each colour and go with the shade that flatters your skin tone and hair colour. It’s best to pick the colours you love, and the feature already in your wardrobe so you can wear your on trend glasses with all your fashion choices.

three grey frames

If you’d rather not go full on bold, you could try the more toned down flouncy sheer peekaboo styles, which combine see through sheer materials with lace overlay tops and layered skirts. This style and the other less colour focused post minimalist trend, that features strong shapes in pastel shades, call for eye wear either in muted tones or in darker colours.

A pair of metalic gold frames

Other than the 80’s referenced and the post minimalist styles, suiting a squarer frame that makes a statement, the other style trends have a strong hippy influence, making rounded or retro influenced frames a strong fit. Another answer for these more muted styles is to pick frames that almost disappear on the face. Either rimless or thin metal frames allow the wearer’s eye wear to be subtle, pulling focus onto the outfit.

A pair of tortoise shell frames

As always, our fully trained staff here at Queens Crescent Eyecare can help you with your choice, made easier thanks to our large range of on trend frames that hit all price points. To make an appointment click here.

About Mik Scarlet

Mik Scarlet is a broadcast journalist and columnist, as well as an expert in the field of access and inclusion for disabled people. You may have seen him on TV! He also has a passion for eyewear.