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Prescription Sunglasses – Looking cool, staying safe

Summer is the time of long nights, sun soaked days and dressing to stay cool. Nothing says cool like a smart pair of sunglasses, but what do you do when you wear prescription lenses? Well prescription sunglasses are nothing new, but what is on offer out there and which choice would suit you best? There are so many different types of prescription tinted lenses available, from basic block tints to graduated tints and even mirrored lenses, but possibly the best choice might be lenses that react to sunlight. This ensures that your eyes are protected from dangerous UV rays while maintaining the correct level of tint at all times.

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Transitions lenses are the number one manufacturer of eye care professional-recommended photochromic lenses worldwide and their lenses rapidly darken once exposed to UV light. The stronger the UV the darker the tints go, and once the UV light is no longer present the lenses return to their clear state. This means that they are safe to use when driving at night or outside in the blazing sunshine. They are available for all types of prescription, including single vision and bi-focals, and can be applied to all types of lense material, including polycarbonate and utra-thin lenses. The key benefit of Transitions photochromic lenses is that they provide a flexible and ever changing level of protection against UV and glare from sunlight. As well as single colour Transition tints, the company provide lenses that change colour as they darken, from orange to dark grey for instance, and they have developed over 3500 different dyes to ensure you can find the colour you want. Transitions also provide a Drivewear range that combine photochromic and Polaroid technologies to create the ultimate driving lenses.

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Whatever you needs and tastes Queens Crescent Eyecare’s ophthalmic technicians can advise you on which would be the best choice for you. Contact them for an appointment online or call 020 7485 3389.
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