Party Season Frames – Looking Good, Seeing Well

It’s that time of year when partying is a must. The shops are filled with glamorous sparkly outfits and shoes to die for. But how do you top off your new festive outfit when you need to wear corrective lenses?

Obviously this might be the time of year to finally take the plunge and try out contacts. Here’s a quick guide to the world of contacts featured last month here at Queens Crescent Eyecare – – which will answer any worries or question you might have about contact lenses. If, however, you either can’t, or just can’t bring yourself to even try, to use contacts, you can still look stunning thanks to your choice of frames.

The festive season is a great time to treat yourself to a new pair of frames, and to try out a new look. Our guide to which shape suits your face shape – will help you make sure your frames flatter you face, but there is more to choosing party frames than you face shape. The big question is colour. If you prefer your frames to almost disappear, then the Silhouette range should be right up your street. Their stylish frames create a look of real luxury and class, while allowing no distraction from your party make up. Of course this is also a great time to go make a feature of your frames, and even match your frames to your favourite outfit colour, or to the colours that suit your skin tones.

Woman wearing Silhouette Glasses

If you have a pale complexion, try to keep to blue tones. Not just blue, but purples, jades and even darker reds. For richer skin shades, then more vibrant warmer colours will work superbly. If you have darker skin, you can really push the boat out and try any colour of frames as most will flatter. You could try matching your frames with lipstick and eye shadow too, to create a real show stopping look. There are also a new ranges of sparkly bling frames, if you really want your glasses to add a glamorous je ne sais quoi. If you feel that frames with a block colour is a bit too adventurous why not chooses a more sedate colour, such as black or grey but with a flash of colour? You could also try a light tint to your lenses. Either a tint that matches your choice of frame, or try something daring and go for a clashing colour. Say a bluer tint with reds frames? A half tint would work very well for parties where the light are turned down low too.

we wish you a wonderful holiday season

Queens Crescent Eyecare offers to cut your lenses while you wait, so you really can choose an outfit, pop along to QCE and have a new pair of frames ready for that night’s party. If you’d like advice on which party frames will suit you and what types of lenses are available, the Queens Crescent Eyecare staff are always happy to help and will make sure you steal the show during this year’s party season.

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